COVID-19 has put everyone into a bind. A lot of differnt aspects of our lives have been taken a turn and as any parent going through 2020, you’ve got to roll with the punches. Part of the battle is providing your child with the best education they deserve. With schools thrusting parents into the role of educator, many are willing to step up to the plate but feel like they’re missing their swings. They want a homerun and so, they have taken on the path of homeschooling.

At Tutoring by City, we want to help empower parents as they tread these uncharted waters. There can only be success for your child if you can succeed as well! That’s why we hire teachers to help students with test prep, homework, concept analysis and more! We’ve outlined some helpful tips below we think you can use for homeschooling. At the end of the day though, do what’s best for you and your child. Just as each child learns differently, you will teach differently as well. Be willing to adapt and contact us should you need back up!

12 of the funniest homeschooling memes

Article Highlight: This is a very stressful time. If you need to put on a movie to get through the day, that’s absolutely fine. . .“You don’t have to home school if it’s really going to cause severe emotional distress for everyone involved. And I think that’s really important for parents to hear right now because we all feel so much personal pressure.”

Here is a comic version of helpful tips about homeschooling from NPR! Its promptly named “How To Turn Your Home Into A School Without Losing Your Sanity”.

Home-school how-to

Article Highlight: “Homeschooling is fun, exciting, and often messy. Living and learning under the same roof can quickly lead to disorganization and chaos—not a great environment for fostering happy students (or parent teachers!).”

Article Highlight: “Subscribe to magazines such as Homeschooling Today, visit the library, read books, and talk to people who homeschool — contact or join a local homeschool organization. Educating yourself about the various routes you can take is the best way to define why you are making this decision and what you hope homeschooling will accomplish for your family. Just don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand everything you read or hear.”

Tutors For Homeschooling

At Tutoring by City, we believe that a society’s success stems from the success of its individuals—every individual—and so we aim to provide as many students as possible with equal opportunities to flourish in their education.

If you are seeking professional and knowledgeable educational help for your child and are an individual in Jacksonville or Tampa, contact Tutoring by City—where exceptional education is the standard.