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Dream BIG!!! Read, Lead, Succeed!!!

Strong reading skills are an important building block to learning. The benefits of reading start with the first book a baby hears, continues into childhood and throughout the child’s life. Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and leads to more highly-developed language skills. It helps the child to develop imagination. Children who read do better at school.

Elementary students start out by learning basic reading skills, including vocabulary, spelling, and phonics. Reading tutoring can help your child to sound out words, build a strong vocabulary, master spelling, strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Reading tutoring gives students individualized attention.


Tutoring by City is the premier specialized tutoring company in Florida. Our only focus is the academic success of our students, your children.


Comprehensive Academic Evaluation: When students are struggling with reading, there can be different areas that they are lacking. They might be weak in vocabulary or understanding the idea. So, no assumptions! To understand the current skill level of the student, we conduct a Comprehensive Academic Evaluation.

Capture the Strength and Weakness: The initial evaluation helps us to know the strengths and weaknesses of the child in reading comprehension. This will help us to target the problem and draft a plan accordingly.

Personalized Tutoring plan: Based on the evaluation results, we will come up with a 1 on 1 reading tutoring plan to fulfill the student’s unique needs while fitting within the parent’s schedule and budget.